New from Bensonwood: Architecturally Correct Fire Doors

bensonwood fire doorWhen it comes to our automobiles, we’ve come to expect that safety not take a back seat to design. The form must incorporate that function. However in residential architecture, where architectural details and natural materials can play such a fundamental role in creating a sense of home, the limited availability of beautifully-crafted, architecturally-accurate wood doors that are also fire-safe can too often force a Hobson’s choice of “take it or leave it” and a door that does not match the rest of the home’s interior.

Now, beauty and safety are no longer mutually exclusive. Bensonwood offers architecturally correct stile and rail wood fire doors and jambs, all crafted to the same standards as our homes. Whether for your new Bensonwood or Unity home, or à la carte as stand-alone assemblies, these fire doors are designed and built to meet the highest safety, durability and aesthetic standards in designs that complement the architecture—all while achieving tested and independently certified safety door pdf

Available in a wide variety of styles and customizable designs, these fire doors include: thick, real wood veneers in a broad range of material and pre-finishing options, traditional mortise and tenon joinery and ball bearing hinges. The doors also include Fyrewerks’ cores made by combining intumescent compounds (a substance that swells as a result of heat exposure) with water-based ingredients and binding agents. When exposed to extreme heat generated from fire, the intumescent properties of the core expand to create an inorganic mass at the door’s core. The result is a passive fire-retardant cavity that insulates the door for up to 90 minutes. All of our fire doors and jambs are certified by Intertek for 20-minute, 45-minute, 60-minute or 90-minute fire ratings.

fyrewerks door test viseoYou can watch a video at left of a Fyrewerks door core being tested.

Download a PDF about our new Fire Doors here: Fire Door Pamphlet-2. For more information, contact millwork @