Tedd Benson Named Co-Chair of Vision 2020 Design + Performance panel

Tedd Benson, Jan 2013

Tedd Benson, Jan 2013

Tedd will work with other members of the Vision 2020 panel to re-imagine home design and construction in the US. He articulates his vision in this first interview for Vision 2020.

Here is the Mission 2020 vision statement, from EcoHome:

The mission of the program focuses on mapping a clear path towards sustainability in residential construction between now and 2020.

“Our industry can lead the way towards sustainability if we follow the right path and measure our progress,” said EcoHome editorial director Rick Schwolsky. “And that’s the mission for Vision 2020. We’ve enlisted an unprecedented team of multi-disciplinary leaders from all sectors who will collaborate throughout the year, sharing their research, perspectives, and projections so that we can map our path, set our milestones, and achieve our goals for sustainability together.”

As an integral part of the Vision 2020 initiative, EcoHome has convened an esteemed group of the industry’s foremost experts, innovators and thought leaders to serve as Chairs across ten key topic areas. Their year-long engagement with the program will provide visionary content, recommendations, and conclusions.